Cancer Awareness - Watch out!!!

Lumps and bumps are a fact of life - don’t be sitting there acting like you haven’t got any - go on… check it out. I’ll give you a sec.
OK then, so what have you got… bony bits… gristly bits… the odd squidgy bit? It’s always good to know exactly, what you’ve got ‘hanging around’ - yes, make notes, draw diagrams… take photos (especially, if your memory is as rubbish as mine) - cos, if owt changes in the future, then you need to ‘get on it’ - quick - and have some sort of a reference for comparison.
Oh, throughout life, your body alters no doubt… stuff comes and goes - most of this is not too bad, but it’s the stuff that comes, stays and grows that you need to be aware of… or, things that you’ve already got, that, and for no apparent reason, suddenly looks and feels quite different… and not just women - anyone can succumb to cancer - it’s just not that fussy about whose life it invades.
So, you’ve gotta be alert, and get at this thing early… it’s no good leaving it, as, once it’s come… it’s unlikely to go all by itself - it needs a good shove - and the sooner you do this… the better. :)

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Vicky xx

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