Cancer Awareness - ‘Nutcare’


OK nuts - don’t neglect um, they’re there for a reason - mainly for reproduction… and something to do with hormones - great, especially since most of the time, they cause no problems, but occasionally… yes, cancer can happen. However, um being hidden away and stuff means that they often get forgotten about - but regular ‘nutcare’ is important - gentle inspection is a must - try and get used to how they feel - and yeah, go for it - make notes, draw diagrams, take photos… and even, jot down a few measurements just for future comparison. Get to know your way around them, understand their dynamics… their connection with the universe… what makes them tick, then, if owt goes wrong - you’ll be ‘on it’ straight away.
As for the question of ‘when and where’ to carry out a ‘nut inspection’ - well, this is always best done in a quiet place, a spot where you can give them your full attention - the bath, couch, or bed for instance - it doesn’t take long, and hopefully, they’ll be OK each time, but, should a problem arise, then treatment is available… the main thing being to, get in there early as this will often help you with your chances of making a full, and, speedy recovery. :)

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