Coronavirus – Is the UK moving forward?

So, there we have it, the latest word from the government is that although the number of cases of Coronavirus in the UK is whizzing up, and has been doing so for a week or 2 now, the cases of hospital admissions due to the virus, and related deaths although creeping up, are nowhere near the levels we saw with the first 2 waves of Coronavirus.
This is good news, with politicians attributing this apparent breaking of the link of Coronavirus cases to serious disease and death to the successful rollout of the various Covid-19 vaccines that have so far been given to folks – quite a lot of folks in fact.
Now, I’m not going to get into the ‘should ye, shouldn’t ye have the Covid-19 vaccine’ debate here, as for me, it’s for everyone to make up their own informed minds about the situation. The only thing is to have a good nose-over all the scientific data that’s available.
However, you having been jabbed doesn’t necessary mean that you’re out of the woods as it’s possible to get re-infected with the virus, and also, with newer variants popping up now and again. So, to help handle this, booster jabs may also be required not only to help you deal better with these new variants, but also, to ‘top up’ your immunity to variants you’ve already been jabbed against. Coronavirus is a tricky little scamp that’s prone to developing mutations all along its genome – most of which will prolly make the virus non-viable (basically, it gets killed off), whereas some mutations will make the virus more evil and much more prone to be able to avoid the human immune system, be passed around easier, or, cause serious disease.
As most Covid restrictions have now been lifted in England, there’s the real fear that Covid-19 cases are gonna go astronomical as folks are now free to mingle ‘n’ mooch like it’s 1999, with the need to wear face coverings, and to social distance being legally binned off, it is now up to the people to decide for themselves how they proceed in the coming days and weeks. But early (very early) indications seem to be that most folks are quite happy to just continue much as we’ve been during for the last 15 months or so. Only time will tell what happens here.

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