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Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

OMG - it’s gettin soooo hot in the UK right now, that the Met Office (the weather folks) have now invented a new ‘weather warning’ for heat. This one (an amber alert) is basically sayin that it’s cooking by day… and cooking by night as the temperature is not expected to drop all that much during the overnight period. Also, roads and rails may melt, and don’t be surprised if the floor turns to lava! Here in our area (NW England) we aren’t included in this warning - it’s just central, SE England & S. Wales. For today anyway, as I wouldn’t be surprised to see this area of warning being expanded especially since the high-pressure situation the UK is currently experiencing is forecast to continue for a few days yet. Over this period, the wind will be light, and with thunderstorms expected in some areas, this could be bad news as they won’t be moved on all that quickly thus giving the possibility of some localised flooding.

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