Science Revision - Organic Chemistry

I know, I know – it sounds pretty horrific and daunting.
Even for me, back in the day when our chemistry teacher first sprung the thing upon us, OMG it was like, absolute chaos - I remember 6 kids hyperventilating, 4 others fake actual death, and 2 of the even more desperate ones make a swift break for it down a lab plughole! But chill, no biggy – it’s just the study of carbon that’s all.
You see the periodic table – well, all the chemical elements you usually need to know about are shown right there - and you know that most are pretty busy with reactions, bonding, and other stuff - but when we get to carbon, well, this is an element that’s normally busier… a lot busier, than most others – it can bond tons more with itself and with other types of atom which means there’s simply way more to say about carbon than with any other chemical element around.
As for the name, easy, it turns out that loads of molecules that carbon likes to form usually end up being used by life – organisms… hence the name ‘organic chemistry’. Seriously – don’t ever let anyone make you think that organic chemistry is ‘rabies positive’ or something else to be scared of – just go through it step by step, learn the patterns, and above all remember that it doesn’t matter how big or complex an organic molecule is – it’s the ‘functional groups’ that do pretty much all the business – and what they do on one molecule… they tend to do pretty much the same thing on another, totally unrelated organic molecule. Kinda simplifies things… a lot.

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