Science stuff ya probably need to know - Air

It’s amazing to think that just a few miles up, the amount of air you get, drops sharply as you head off into Space.
Most of our air clumps around the surface of the Earth. Most organisms require oxygen for life, which is breathed in, or absorbed, from the surrounding atmosphere.
In case you’re wondering, a few types of bacteria don’t require oxygen for them to be able to live.
The amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is about 21%, which is enough to keep everyone happy.
The rest of the atmosphere consists of a load of other gases all mushed together - stuff like nitrogen (78%), with a smaller (1%) volume mixture of carbon dioxide, water vapour, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon, also being thrown in.
OK, so that’s a lot of nitrogen in there, but because each nitrogen molecule contains a triple bond, this means that it is quite an inert (unreactive) gas, which is good, cos it means that nitrogen doesn’t react too readily with all the oxygen in the air, thus ensuring there’s always lots for us.

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