Science stuff ya probably need to know - H

* Haber Process

This is the technique for making ammonia (NH3) from nitrogen and hydrogen. Well, at first they didn’t think it could be done too well as the conditions needed to make ammonia were pretty severe and as such, tended to decompose the product as soon as it were made. Fritz Haber found, however, that you needed to get the ammonia away from the reacting conditions sharpish like so you could save it from decomposing again. Yip, it certainly worked… everyone cheered and partied hard as the world suddenly got tons and tons of ammonia for fertilizers, making nylon and other helpful stuff. YAY!

Yeah, cool, but things can sometimes get a little dodgy and it’s sometimes tricky not to get ammonia (NH3) mixed-up with the ammonium ion (NH4+) - the key to happiness and serenity here is to keep in mind that the ammonium ion is just ammonia with an extra H stuck to it.
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Even more so especially when you realize that this business that NH3 has in accepting H is part of what makes ammonia a base.

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