Science stuff ya probably need to know - M

* Methane (CH4) - a simple alkane. Tis the main constituent of natural gas… which is odourless until they add the extremely stinky compound methyl mercaptan to it - then it you can smell it - which is good, cos it alerts you if you ever has a leak.

* Microbiology

Here, we’re usually dealing with really small organisms: bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, algae… stuff like that.
Microscopes (compound and electron) are normally needed along with the use of special stains for us to be able to see what’s going on with them. However, just cos they is small, it doesn’t mean that microbes are of zero significance - no, they can be very harmful, helpful, or, pretty casual. They can perform a huge variety of important roles not only in the environment, but also, in industry and research which we have taken full advantage of over the years in order to produce important products, whilst also, improving our understanding of biochemical processes.

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