Science stuff ya probably need to know - R

* Reaction Equilibria

I kid ye not - but most chemical reactions are reversible to some extent. Reactants produce products - but, simultaneously, the products can also revert back to reactants. Given time, under the reaction conditions, a steady state between reactants and products is eventually established - thus, the ‘equilibrium point’ is reached.

Where is this ‘equilibrium point’ you may ask. Well, it depends - but, you can work it out if you can measure the amount of reactant as well as products you have in your reaction vessel. Simply divide the concentration of product by that of the concentration of the reactant (product/reactant)… then there you go.
The more product you’ve got, then the bigger the answer will be - generally, if it’s greater than 1, then you have more product, but, if it’s less than 1, then you have more reactant.

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