Science stuff ya probably need to know - S

*Serial Dilution

OK, so let’s just say you want to dilute a sample of bacteria so you can plate it out and count the colonies that then form. Simply take 1ml of your initial sample and add it to 9ml of distilled water - mix… then bingo - you have a 1:10 dilution.
But, this may not do you, so, you can dilute further. Just take 1ml of this solution and add it to 9ml of distilled water, mix - and this’ll give you a 1:100 dilution. And there you have it - just continue like this for 1:1000, 1:10000… it could just go on forever!

* Solar Eclipse

This happens when the Sun whizzes behind the Moon to cast the lunar shadow onto the Earth. For a few minutes the affected area goes dark as the shadow passes by - it’s a bit like night-time, and OK, so it isn’t an everyday occurrence, but when it does happen it usually causes great excitement and wonder.

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