Science stuff ya probably need to know - P

* Photons

They’re all to do with light - just think of them as really tiny balls of energy.

* Photosynthesis

Plants (and some microbes) scoop up incoming photons from the Sun and use this source of free energy to make carbs.

Basically, what we’re sayin is:

[Carbon dioxide + Water] gives us [Carbohydrates
+ Oxygen].

In green plants and some photosynthetic microbes photosynthesis goes on inside chloroplasts. You see, things would be dead simple if plants could use the energy from sunlight directly, but they cannot - so, it has to be converted into a more convenient form… stuff like ATP and NADPH. And this is it - the first task of photosynthesis - once these molecules have been made then the second job of photosynthesis, that of making carbs and stuff, can go ahead using the energy trsnsferred to these molecules.

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